Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quilted iPad case

Front (the coloured bit at the top is the front of the velcro closure flap)
 I made this iPad case for my boyfriend. I used some of the fabric scraps from the quilt I am making for him as I am in love with the colours. I made it using the same idea I used for my Mom's  kindle case.
I'm not sure if you can see it very well in the photo but I made sure to include my tag in the case. It is a tree on one side and says 'by sky' on the other.

Inside lining and back of closure flap

Friday, July 8, 2011

Toronto Modern Quilt Guild: Kaufman Challenge Complete!

I finally got around to binding this quilt. I was having a tough time thinking of a binding that would look good with all the colours and was still kind of funky. My Mom actually came up with the idea to use the same one that I used on her mug rug. However, I only had about 12 inches left of that binding. I decided to check out a fabric store in the east end that has some quilting fabric. Oddly enough, when I got there, sitting right smack dab in the middle of the cutting table, was the exact same Michael Miller gray polka dotted fabric I had used for my Mom's mug rug. Very weird but I was obviously thrilled that I was able to find the fabric I had in mind.
 In the end, I think the binding was a perfect fit. I LOVE the wrinkly look after it's been washed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Embroidery is a hoot!

I taught myself how to do embroidery over the long weekend at my cottage. I am really obsessed with owls.

Next time, I will probably do a better job of drawing on the image so that it is easy to follow. I didn't have a proper fabric pencil so I wasn't able to see the lines I wanted to follow so I just eyeballed it. It's not perfect but I don't mind the wonky look.