Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quilted Kindle case

I am very happy with this project. I actually think it is my favourite thing I have ever sewn. It is a Kindle (e-reader) case for my Mom.  I found out this morning that I got into the Masters in Social Work program and Laurier so that put me in a good mood and I felt like being creative!
The front! I am holding the flap down but there will be velcro there when it's done.

  I made up how to make the Kindle case all my myself, no tutorial. Due to that, I'm quite surprised it turned out so well. I tend to rush things and even though they turn out, I know they could have been better if I put more time into it or thought about how to do it a bit longer.

This is the back. 
 Btw, it is not totally done, I have to add some velcro but I didn't feel like trekking through 1 foot a snow today. I really like the quilted look. It reminds me a lot of the linen quilt. The fabrics are all random but I think they worked really well together.
This is the front with the flap open. I added a little extra flare to the inside of the flap.
As I mentioned above, I made up how to do it all by myself. I also just made it up as I went along, I'm not much of a planner with this sort of stuff. I did think of a detail that ended up working out really well...I knew you would be able to see a bit of the inside lining even when the case was closed and I thought it would look messy and distracting if you could see a whole different pattern. I made the top inch or so of the lining with linen so that it blended it. If you take a peek inside, it is a very funky pattern. Also, I am pretty sure it is a perfect size! I want it to be snug but not annoying to take out and put back in.
Looking in.

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  1. Can't wait to try it. I really like the variety of bold prints with the linen, a contrast that really works. And the inside fabric looks funky.


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