Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mug Rug!

I realized something as I was making this project...I have a style! At first I was thinking that all my stuff looked the same and was kind of thinking I might be boring. But then if you think of it as more of a distinct style, that is pretty cool. I think it is because I am officially obsessed with linen and bright colours. That's why the lavender pillow, linen quilt, kindle case and now this mug rug all go together.

Mug rug- front
I made this mug rug for my friend Sarah for her birthday. You might be asking "oh golly! what in the world is a mug rug?", well, a mug rug is kind of like a giant coaster, but it's bigger and has room for your mug and a snack, like a cookie! You really don't need a whole plate for a cookie but it would be too messy to just set on your desk, so you need a mug rug! It's literally a super mini quilt, so it is totally machine washable for times when you put your fresh baked ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies onto your mug rug, or spill your pink forever nuts tea on it :)
Mug rug- back

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