Thursday, March 3, 2011

Table runner for Nanny

Front of the table runner. Traditional pinwheel design. 
Table runners are very fun to make. They use the exact same process as a full quilt yet are much smaller and therefore take less time to complete. I made my Nanny this table runner for Christmas. I think that the colours were perfect for her! She really liked it and it looked great on the table.
Back of the table runner. I decided to give the back a design so it could be reversible. 
I decided to free-motion quilt the table runner. I love the look of free motion and it was a small piece in comparison to an actual quilt so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult. It went well, until I ran out of the light pink thread I was using when I had a 3in x 3in area left to quilt. It was Christmas eve so I knew I wouldn't be able to buy any that day. My aunt ended up saving me. She had gotten me a wonderful box of Gutermann thread for Christmas and gave me the light pink thread early so I could finish quilting the table runner. It turned out perfectly!
Close up of one pinwheel. You can also see the background fabric had gold designs which made it much more interesting (and fancier) than plain white.

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