Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quilt for Mom and Dad

Side 1 (Totally a reversible quilt)

I finished this quilt last week but didn't get around to taking pictures til today. I am so happy with it. We had a party for my Dad's 50th birthday on the weekend and I gave a few 'quilt tours' around my house to show people some of the quilts I made. I got to talk about what "modern quilting" means to me and show off some of my work.

Side 2 (originally the back but I just love it too much to make it only the back, haha) 

I really love the back and I think that it is a very good representation of what I picture when I think about modern quilting. The colour scheme is definitely not traditional. I also think that the many different elements that make up the back lead  it to be full of movement. Although I have not made very many quilts (this is my 4th) I have many ideas in my head about quilts I want to make. I am very drawn to the simple blocks with sashing in between.

The fabric along the top of the back (from Tula Pink's "Prince Charming" line) has become one of my all time favourite fabrics. I love showing it to people and asking them to tell me what they see. They can always get the smaller details (boy reading, bike, chasing butterflies) and they ALWAYS miss the giant turtle. I chose to put it at the top by where my parents' heads will be because it seemed so dreamlike to me.

See the quilting?!? I think it is the perfect quilting design for the quilt. I love how the quilt is so square-like with lots of 90* angles but the quilting is very flow-y and dynamic. Good contrast...

I am going to take it to the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild meeting this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing what other people in the quilting community think of it. I am so new to quilting that I feel like I can learn so much from people who are more experienced. 

Yes, I know the pictures I giant but I just thought big quilt=big pictures :)

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  1. Hi Sky

    Your Dad sent me the link to your blog (actually, he sent it to his friend and my partner, Jeff, after a visit to our cottage in August.) I really like your work! I especially love the proportion and scale (of both blocks and fabric patterns) of some of your smaller pieces (I think your “mug rug” is my favourite!), like little works of art. I totally get your passion for this and that feeling of not wanting to do anything else! (I am a long time sewist, but for the past couple of years I have gotten into wet-felting. I took a felting/art course for three days this past July and haven’t been able to stop ever since.)

    (And just as I finally got around to posting this, I saw your quilt for your folks—wonderful! Love, love, love the colours, and the stitch pattern is great! I like the "back" as much as the "front.")

    It’s interesting, too, that you’ve just graduated—in psychology, right? I’ve been doing a little bit of reading about the relationship between creativity and therapy for things like depression and grief. I’ve taught a couple of felting workshops and found them rewarding, not only because participants get a chance to produce something, but because of their comments about being “engaged” with the process of “making”, like a soothing meditation. Maybe you find some parallels between your academic stuff and quilting…? (Might make for an interesting M.A. thesis…!?)

    Anyhow, I’m glad to have been introduced to your blog and have noted it in my “favourites” so as to check back. You might have inspired me to start a blog of my own!

    Hope that you and your family enjoyed the rest of your summer! Sounds like Dad had a great birthday party. (We were sorry we couldn’t make it from Kingston, but hope to visit before year end.) Good luck in grad school!



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