Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby boy quilt

My Dad asked me to make a quilt for his clients' baby boy. I got to use the same fabrics that I used for Eric's quilt but then decided to add Kona Dusty Blue instead of the Medium Gray because the baby blue looked more well, babyish.

Front on the left, back on the right.

I have been quilting for about a year now and FINALLY figured out how to use my walking foot. I didn't realize that the arm had to actually attach to the needle tensioner bar. When I got the walking foot from my aunt, I looked online how to install it and many walking foots just rest on top of the bar so that is what I did. It didn't work so I always used my regular foot for quilting. I was determined to make it work for this quilt so I did some more googleing and saw a picture of how to install this kind of walking foot correctly. It worked!

This is the first quilt I made for someone I don't know and therefore won't get to see it again. I hope they like it!


  1. woohoo! 1 year of quilting! I'm working on converting my roommates this year too :)

  2. This is beautiful - love the blues and your quilting!

  3. Sky - We (my son and I) just LOVE the blue quilt. He is the lucky child who gets to snuggle up in it when I rock him to sleep. I love the prints and stitching you chose. Thank you for putting so much love and effort into it!

    Naseem & baby Armaan


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