Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quilted Camera Strap!

I have always wanted to learn photography but never gotten the chance. I am taking a Photography 101 Boot Camp this weekend at GTA Photography Classes and cannot wait! I decided to make a quilted sleeve to fit over my camera strap. I had seen other straps on other blogs but they all seemed to require that you take apart your strap. I decided to make a sleeve that (tightly) fits around the preexisting Canon strap.

I am really excited to learn about photography this weekend. I think it will be a great introduction to a new hobby. It is also something that I know basically nothing about. I tried to learn from library books in the summer but it wasn't very interesting to just read about. I think the interactive classroom setting is much better for me.

Plus, I can learn to take better photos of my crafts to put on my blog. It's funny that my post about photography is featuring such a bad photo but I had to take the picture with my phone as my camera was busy posing :)

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  1. Love!!!! Wow if you only love photography half as much as quilting, I will be happy.

    ps. You are such a keener!


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