Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Accra and Cape Coast

Hellloooo. I arrived in Ghana on Friday night, after a nice airport stopover in Amsterdam where I thoroughly enjoyed a breakfast of delicious profiteroles  (sp?). I met up with another girl on my trip in the airport and we waited to board the plane to Accra. For people who were wondering, I successfully completed both flights without puking!! Michelle and Jeremy (two of our three wonderful trip leaders) met up at the airport and we waited for three other girls to arrive. I got to have a delicious mango/orange juice as soon as i met up with the leaders, what an akwaaba (welcome in Twi).

Then we squished in taxis and sped through Accra to Mama Tina's house, where we are staying. We dropped our stuff of and then went to meet the rest of the group at Tawala, a bar on the beach. It was really pretty.Then we went back to Mama Tinas and went to bed. We had the ceiling fans on turbo mode so it sounded and felt like a warzone haha.

The next day, we got up and walked to get a popular Ghanian breakfast of egg and bread. It is basically an omelet on two pieces of bread that are then cooked in a pan like a grilled cheese minus the butter. Then we went to The Blues, a bar on the beach and did some team building stuff and learned the very popular OG game of Wa. We came back to the house and a professor who is from Ghana but studied in the west came to talk to us about Ghana. He invited us to a comedy play that he produced so we decided to head there. I had salt and vinegar pringles for dinner that night :)

The next day we got a tro tro and headed to Cape Coast. We went to the cape coast slave castle which was really sad, but a very significant part of  West African history. You should read up on it if you can!

Yesterday we went to Kakum park, where we got to do a canopy walk on narrow wobbly bridges that were 18-40m above the rainforest floor. It was soooo fun! It was really beautiful and reminded me of when Mom and I went ziplining in Mexico, but with bridges instead of ziplines and rainforest instead of desert haha. Then we went to the slave castle in Elmina. I found that tour even more sad, the guide was really great and went into a lot of details which I had not considered in the first tour. We had a really great debriefing as a group about what we learned too.

Today we headed back to Accra, had some egg and bread as well as a giant juicy delicious mango.  We are going to visit an illegal settlement in Accra tomorrow and then head to the volta region thursday for a hike up to a mountain village where we will stay with host families for 3 nights.

I am really enjoying Ghana so far. Will try to update again but internet will likely be sketchy for the next little while!!

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