Monday, July 30, 2012

Can I just stay here?

Meet Wally! He is our pet goat. He does not like people very much. I tried taking him for a walk and he was not very good at it. When we are done in Sandema, we will give Wally to HCC so they can have a yummy dinner.

My new African tattoo/Moto burn! I was getting a ride on a friends moto and he had just driven 5 hours so theyexhaust pipe was very hot. I know you should get off the moto on the left side but I was in a rush and was wearing a skirt so I hopped off the ride side and broiled my leg. This pic isn't even at it's worst. It popped yesterday morning and now looks like a gray/purple wrinkly brain. It is just smaller than a egg, in case you were wondering. (not sure what the line is, sorry)

Richard! Richard is one of the HCC boys. He was hanging out in our room listening to our iPods so I snapped a quick photo of him. I love the HCC boys so much. They are all so adorable and I absolutely love every minute I get to spend with them.

Science @ HCC! Daniel, one of the HCC boys, is teaching us about global warming. Jeremy, one of our group leaders, helps with a science program for the boys. Jacob, another HCC boy, gave us a presentation on ecosystems just before this. These boys are so inspiring! Both Daniel and Jacob want to be doctors.

Sandema! aka where I could live forever. It is such a beautiful place. The people are wonderful and the scenery is stunning. I am going to miss it so much. I have had such an incredible time here.

Sandema Boys soccer tournament. This photo was taken yesterday at the final match of the soccer tournament that OG runs each year. The early summer program ran the first girls soccer tournament. It was very fun to watch and very exciting as it went into shootouts. Most of the boys play in bare feet which is pretty cool.

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