Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I want to live on a mountain

Hiiii! So since my last post, I think I have had the most incredible four days of my life. We went to the Volta region and hiked up a mountain to a village called Wli-Todzi. We were told the hike would be about 3 hours but one of the group leaders, Jeremy, and I kept up with two of the locals and made it to the top in just over 1.5 hours. It was stunning; we were way above the clouds and you could look out onto the other villages in the area. The community members of Wli-Todzi were the nicest people in the world. They welcomed us into their village and into their homes. Their lifestyle is incredible, full of so many tasks that must be completed each day, but also full of a strong appreciation for life, family and nature. They are a farming village and basically grow all of their own food. We got to eat Ghanian food the whole time, which I loved. I tried both cocoa yam and casava fufu and really liked the strange and sticky texture. It is made by pounding boiled casava or cocoa yam in somewhat of a giant mortar and pestle. You have to use two arms to pound it and it is quite strenuous if you're not used to it. I have no idea how to actually describe how amazing it was up there so I will leave it here and tell you all about it in person when I get back. Speaking of getting back, I would be quite content staying here for much much longer. I am trying to forget that I have to come back to real life and school.

We had 2 full days of hot, squishy tro-tro rides. After Wli-Todzi, we stayed in Kumasi overnight and then left  early the next morning for Tamale. In Tamale, we visited an orphanage and a school. The kids are wonderful. Right away, I noticed how the older kids take care of the younger kids in a way that is very rare to see at home. I think the kids really love having us visit as they completely swarm us. They also really love having their photo taken so I have been able to get some really great shots. We have been in Tamale for two nights now and are leaving for Sandema in the morning.

I am having a more amazing time than I ever imagined. So for any of you family members that are worrying about me, please don't! I love it here.


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